As girls age, they develop the sense of improving ourselves. Cosmetics has been used to enhance the appearance of our body, particularly our face. It has been the symbol for adult sexuality for women and it symbolizes adulthood for teenagers. They are designed to be applied to our hair and face. Cosmetic products are usually derived from natural products while some cosmetic products are synthetically made. Women intentionally use cosmetic for cleansing, beautifying, altering the appearance of our body without changing the composition of its structure and function, moreover, women are using cosmetics to promote attractiveness. Today, it has been a trend for women to play mix and match with cosmetics on their faces.

If you are new to cosmetics, the Tiny telecast is giving you the best way and least overwhelming method to start engaging in cosmetics.

About Us

Tiny telecast wants you to get in with the trend in mix-and-matching cosmetics to look beautiful and young. We promote beautifying, modifying our appearance without altering our body structure and function and cleansing. To promote the quality of being pleasing or appealing and sexually alluring, Tiny telecast presents you the basic beauty essentials. With the help of our professional team, they have systematically established the information regarding essential cosmetics, the information laid out may answer your inquiry about the should have basic beauty essentials.

Basic Beauty Essentials Every Girl Should Have

Cosmetics has helped us for decades by making ourselves look and present better, it promotes beautifying, modifying our appearance. We do not need to alter our body structure and function to make us look pleasing, by mix and matching the cosmetic products you can achieve your desired look. Mix and matching beauty cosmetics has been a trend today, to promote the quality of pleasing, appealing and sexually alluring appearance. There are different cosmetic products in different brands, variations, and colors, for a beginner you cannot deny the fact that you can ask yourself as to where you should start. To those beginners, what should really be the beauty essentials every girl should have in their beauty bag? Let’s get in trend, here is a checklist of everything you should have to make your personal beauty bag complete with the recommended products for everyday use. These basic essentials should be the foundation of your beauty cosmetics collection.

  1. Concealer
    Hiding something? Use a concealer to hide those troublesome dark circles, dark spots and freckles on face. It can make your tired face instantly look brighter, it creates a perfect natural color, texture and appearance of your skin. There is a variation of concealers depending on its shade and composition, there are stick, powder, liquid and cream types. Choose and use the one that can fit your desired look.
  2. Foundation
    When applied to face foundation creates an even, uniform color to the complexion of your skin and covers your flaws. Some can change your natural skin tone and functions as a moisturizer, sunscreen and astringent or base layer. Choose and use the one that will fit with your desired look.
  3. Blush On
    For a long while blush on have been used on to perk up the cheeks, but now it has been used on the eyes, lips and nails. Blush on can be used as an eye color by using an eye shadow brush to sweep it across the eyelids and in the socket, this produces a brightening look. To make you become more lively and cheerful, smile to get the full round shape of your cheek and apply it with your blusher brush to the apple of your cheek. Want to try it with your lips? Rub off a pinch of blusher and mix it with a pea-sized eye cream to create a colored paste then apply it to your lips. How about with your nails? Scrape off a pinch of blusher and mix it with a clear nail varnish to produce a nail tint. Choose and use your desired color and brand to enjoy mix-matching to achieve your desired look.
  4. Translucent powder
    Translucent powder is a must-have for any look. It gives you a long lasting natural-look because of it is color-free and not visible to the eye. Your face will not be oily as it soaks up the excess oil, to put up your eye liner all day go over it with a translucent powder. Choose and use this to make your desired look stay up all day.
  5. Mascara
    Mascara is intended to enhance and define the appearance of your eyelashes. Your eyelashes will thicken, lengthen and darken. Choose and use the brand of mascara that will not easily become messily smeared.
  6. Eye Shadow
    Eye shadow can make your eye stand out and make you look more attractive that can brings out the exciting quality of your eyes that could gain attention. It is applied on the eyelids and under the eyebrows. It comes in different colors and textures, to enhance the appearance and emphasize the beauty of your eyes, choose and use your desired color and brand to enjoy mix-matching to achieve your desired look.
  7. Eye liner
    Eye liner enhances the size and shape of your eyes. To enhance the appearance and emphasize the beauty of your eyes, choose and use your desired color and brand to enjoy mix-matching to achieve your desired look.
  8. Lipstick
    Lipstick has been a symbol of adult sexuality for women and a symbol of womanhood for teenagers. To protect and to keep your lips hydrated, use a lipstick. Moreover, it can add shade to your lips to make you look young and glowing brightly. Choose and use your desired color and brand to enjoy mix- matching to achieve your desired look.
  9. Tweezers
    Tweezers is used to pick up small objects, it is used in cosmetics by keeping the strays away of your eyebrows. This is useful for taming and grooming your brows.