Beauty, Health & Happiness: A Bahamas Vacation

/Beauty, Health & Happiness: A Bahamas Vacation

What better way to obtain natural beauty through health and happiness? Get a tan at some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, spend hours in relaxing spas in luxurious hotels, and eat some of the most delicious & healthy food you’ll ever eat.

The Bahamas Island is one of the most popular tourist destinations the world over. When you hear the word Bahamas, images of beautiful beaches, breathtaking scenery and luxurious hotels probably come to mind. It is true that Bahamas is home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. But that is not all there is to the collection of Caribbean Islands known as The Bahamas. The Islands have so much more to offer. Discussing the special features that each of the islands has to offer tourists might help change your perception of the Islands.

If you have been delaying a trip to the Bahamas due to monetary problems, you do not have to do so any more. There are countless Bahamas vacation packages that make traveling to the Islands unbelievably affordable. Now you have no reason to postpone your trip to this heavenly destination. In fact, take a mind trip to the legendary islands right now by reading on. By the end of the article, your desire to the visit the Islands will probably be rekindled.

San Salvador Island

Few have heard about this island, but more people need to. Because it is not as touristy as most of the other islands, it makes a perfect get away for you who seek some peace of mind. Tranquility and serenity pervade the entire island. It also has a rich historical background, which makes it all the more attractive.

San Salvador IslandDid you know that the name it is currently known by was given to it by Christopher Columbus? He traveled that far across the world. Initially however, the ancient Lucayan Indians called the Island Guanahan. When Columbus arrived at the island in 1942, he named it San Salvador. The name was changed once by a westerner who named it after himself. He called it Watling’s Island. But eventually it was renamed as Columbus had named it, and the name stuck through the centuries.

Currently, there are about 1200 residents on the island. Besides the beautiful beaches, there also hills and lagoons that mark the area. The landscape of the island is nothing if not breathtaking. Additionally, the island is protected by reefs that add to the natural beauty of the place. But more than being pleasant to the eyes, the reefs also provide opportunity for blood- pumping adventure. There are about 50 dive sites, including shipwrecks and ruins. Some are home to sharks and sting rays. Nothing spells adventure better than that.

One of the best resorts near the island is known as the Club Med Resort. It is situated north of the island’s capital, the Cockburn town. From the resort, it is easy to access the various attractions within the island.

Cat Island

Cat Island is one of the more famous islands in Bahamas. This is no surprise, given that it occupies a fairly central position among the islands. It has a rather interesting and rich history. Initially, it was also known as the San Salvador Island, but it was later renamed to Cat Island. Theories differ regarding the origin of this name. There are those who say that it was named so after Arthur Catt, an infamous pirate who used to prowl the island. There are those who say that it so named because of the many cats that call it home.

Besides its name, the island is well known for its pristine beaches and several historical attractions. It is home to Mount Alvernia, which is the highest point in all of Bahamas. People climb the 206- feet tall mountain for fun. Those who persevere to the top are rewarded with the view of The Hermitage. This is a monastery that was hand- carved from stone by Father Jerome who was an architect. There are also ruins of cotton plantations and the Columbus World Center Museum from where you can learn a lot history.

Mayaguana Island

If you thought that the San Salvador Island is the most peaceful island in Bahamas, wait until you visit the Mayaguana Island. This island has only 312 inhabitants. It is one of the more interior- located islands, as it is found 560 kilometers south of Nassau. It was initially occupied by Spaniards, and then the Lucayan Indians.

The resounding silence that pervades the island makes it a perfect get away from the stresses of every- day life. You can visit the Booby Cay, which is so named after the many brown boobies that inhibit it. There are also many wild goats in the area. If you are seeking adventure, then you simply must visit the Horse Pond Beach, where people go to collect crabs and shells. The crabs are used in many local dishes.

Although the Bahamas have some of the world’s most exquisite beaches, there is so much more to see and do there. Be sure to visit in order to experience the Bahamas in the most beautifying way.

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