The Best Shaving Soaps To Make The Perfect Lather

/The Best Shaving Soaps To Make The Perfect Lather

Shaving soaps have been around for a long time. In fact, they are the predecessors to the shaving creams that are very common today. Whereas many men prefer shaving creams because they find them a bit more convenient to use, shaving soaps are the classic shaving products to use. Why, you ask? For one thing, most shaving soaps contain natural ingredients, while shaving creams have plenty of artificial chemicals. Additionally, shaving soaps do not contain numbing agents, which are rather common in shaving creams. The lack of numbing agents means that you feel your skin as you shave the hair, which makes it less likely for you to cut the sensitive skin on your face.

What are the advantages of using shaving creams?

  • All natural products
  • Great lather
  • Moisturizes your skin
  • Various scents
  • Most are affordable

The best shaving soaps

  1. Proraso shaving soap – It is difficult to decide what the best shaving soap is, but this Proraso product certainly deserves a place among the best. It comes in three colors: red, white and green. The green product is far more popular than the rest because of its minty nature. All the products are made from all- natural ingredients. This makes them ideal for those with a sensitive skin because they have no adverse effects on the skin. There are some who argue that the soap takes too long to lather. This is a valid argument, but as soon as the soap lathers, you will find that it is well worth the effort. The best shaving soap produces a rich and slick lather that protects your skin and makes it easy to shave hair. It also has a menthol feel to it which has a cooling effect on the skin. In warmer weather, you will certainly appreciate the cooling nature of this soap.
  2. Premium Shaving Soap – This is an affordable soap made by Sir Hare. It is tallow based and just like with Proraso, all its ingredients are sourced from nature. Lathering up using this soap is quite easy and fast, and it produces great lubrication. The product comes in various scents, namely Cedarwood and Oakmass. They are gentle and delicate, but they are fragrant all the same. If you are looking for a shaving soap with a manly feel to it, this is the soap to use.
  3. Williams Mug – The word mug is prominent in this brand because mugs are essential in using the product. The disc- like soap fits into many mugs, and is remarkably easy to use. Lathering using the soap is astonishingly easy, and the soap produces a thick lather that protects your skin while shaving. The soap also leaves your skin smooth and soft. It also has a lovely citrus scent. If you find that the soap has a drying effect on your skin, you could simply add some hot water into the mug. That should take care of the problem.
  4. Colonel Conk – This soap is outstanding in that it has great lubrication. It leaves no pimples, rashes or other irritations on your skin. In case you have had problems with other shaving products because of a sensitive skin, don’t give up until you have tries this product. The soap is generally small in size, and is quite expensive, but it is worth every single cent you spend on it in terms of quality.
  5. Taylor of Old Bond Street – This is somewhat a cross between shaving soap and cream. It comes in a number of scents, namely Sandalwood, grapefruit and avocado scents. It also has good lubrication and is generally a good quality shaving soap. One of the cons of the product is that it tends to have a drying effect on the skin, but a simple solution to the problem is to add a little glycerin to the soap.
  6. Van Der Hagen – This soap is most notable for its extraordinary moisturizing properties. In fact, 40% of its composition is pure moisturizing agent. It contains large amounts of aloe vera and Shea butter. Although it is a great moisturizer, it also has a strong scent. This might not go down well with many people. But one must quickly add that after washing off the soap, the scent disappears as well.
  7. Razorrock Mudder Focker – This product has thermal mud as its primary ingredient, which is perhaps why it is known as Mudder soap. It forms a slick lather that makes it easy to shave your hair. It is also unbelievably smooth, which is nothing short of what is expected of Fuller clay products. It has numerous benefits for your skin such as improving your complexion, lessening scars and absorbing unnecessary oils.


If you have been thinking of using shaving soaps, now you certainly know those that are worth your attention. Try out some of these products and no doubt you will find one that you will love.

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