Tunas, MO-25

This week was a beautiful week to pay tribute to my nostalgic summer memories, while sharing new adventures with the little ones. Here is My Week In Photos.Tunas MO 24 My Week In Photos 07.28.13Lyric enjoyed his first encounter with a few gorgeous horses.

Tunas MO 41 My Week In Photos 07.28.13Hudson was slightly less impressed than Lyric.

Tunas MO 59 My Week In Photos 07.28.13They were absolute beauties.

Tunas MO 86 My Week In Photos 07.28.13My favorite part of summer would undoubtedly be stumbling upon local farms filled with stands like these. Fun Fact, when I was a little girl, my parents had a massive garden. In the summers my sister and I would help my parents in the garden and as incentive to get us working, they would give my sister and I buckets upon buckets of fresh produce. We would then drag our little plastic table to the front yard and sell our bounty to people as they passed by. It is one of my fondest childhood memories.

Tunas MO 101 My Week In Photos 07.28.13This was adorable.

July 4th 2013 14 My Week In Photos 07.28.13We enjoyed a firework display.

July 4th 2013 23 My Week In Photos 07.28.13Perfect summer tradition.

July 4th 2013 26 My Week In Photos 07.28.13At this point I have never seen Lyric so bright eyed and simultaneously exhausted in his life. It was something I know we will all remember.

What summer nostalgia are you recreating this summer?




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  1. Love it, Shawna! You perfectly captured what I love about childhood, summer, and the South. Really neat what you did with gardening when you were younger! Glad you are making such beautiful memories with your babies. :)

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